shopping list for the remainder of the year. #dead

i wanted to just try this peripheral to see what it’s capable of. since this tech demo, i’m expecting more. here’s to hoping for a great compatible flight sim!


Datura footage for PS3. This is the kind of innovative games that should be made with motion sensing devices. It’s great to see Sony invest in experiences like this. It’s the type of experiences I imagined would be possible with Kinect. The idea of an adventure game with Kinect is something that still very much interests me, and so far the best we’ve gotten is Haunt, which is the best use of Kinect yet. Hopefully someone will pick up the baton and continue forth with these type of experiences. Sony clearly is and congrats to them for doing so. Datura should release later this year on PS3 and utilizes the Move controller if you own one, but it’s not a necessity.